About Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria “Giorgio Asproni”

Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria “G. Asproni” is an upper secondary school in Iglesias, a small town on the south-west coast of Sardinia (Italy). It was founded in 2009 when the Scientific Lyceum “G. Asproni”, which was established in 1924, merged with the Artistic Lyceum “Remo Branca”. There are around 600 pupils aged 14-18/19  and about 70 teachers  in both Lyceums.  The school was named after the  prestigious mining engineer G. Asproni  who contributed to  its development and proved itself as a capable manager.

The Scientific Lyceum “G. Asproni” has always been a centre of culture, science and art addressed not only to students who attend the school and want italiato get a diploma, but  also    to  those people who want to form their lives and to Iglesias’s territory as a whole. Its educational function has been strengthened by the fusion with the  Artistic Lyceum “R. Branca” and its  educational offer has been widened to meet cultural  requests of the territory.  This  latter school  has an important cultural role  in preserving  and  protecting ancient monuments  of the  town.  In  fact   Iglesias has a large  artistic heritage,  its name    means  the “  Town of churches”,   and the presence  of  ancient churches testifies  this heritage. Besides, a Medieval castle and  ancient palaces are notable landmarks of the town. From Roman times to the second half of the 20th  century   Iglesias’s economy chiefly depended on  mine industry. In the late 1970s   most mines were dismissed and  its economy  was converted to processing industry.  Nowadays, the town and its territory are reconverting their economy into tourism and reappraising  their cultural and environmental heritage.

IIS “G.Asproni” is an institution open to innovation and cooperation with other European institutions. Teachers and students are keen to carry out different and original projects  in the artistic, humanistic and  scientific domains. Its management believes that  IT is essential to cope with globalization. Foreign languages are considered key instruments to access  labour market. Also it is an institution open to intercultural  inclusion  and integration  of students with special needs.


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